2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Acura TL Used Oem Original Parts

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SAP - Sacramento Auto Parts, Inc.
SAP has been serving the Northern California area. We are a fully licensed auto dismantling facility that's registered with Federal and States agencies.
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Acura TL Used Oem Original Parts
a pillar, a/c compressor, a/c condenser, ac compressor, ac compressors, ac condenser, ac recharge, accelerator, air bag, air bags, air boot, air cleaner, air cleaner box, air conditioner, air conditioning, air filter, air flow meter, air vent, airbag, airbags, alarm, all types of hose, all types of sensors and frames, alternator, antenna, anti-lock brake pump, anti-lock brakes, apron, armrest, auto, automatic transmission, automobile, axle, back glass, back plate, back-up lights, battery, beds, bench seat, bonnet, brake calipers, brake light, brake pedal, brakes, bucket seat, bumper, bumper reinforcement, bumper: brackets / retainers / fillers / absorber, bumpers, caliper, camshaft, caps, car, carburetor, catalytic converter, cd player, center console, center pillar, chassis, child car seat, chrome trim, clutch, coils, compressor, computer, condenser, condensor, console, control arms, cooling fan, cooling system, corner lamp, corner light, crankshaft, cruise control, cylinder, dash cover, dash panel, dashboard, dashboards, defroster, diesel engine, differential, dip stick, distributor, left right front rear door, door handle, door handles and locks, door mirror, door mirrors, door panel, door panels, door window regulators, doors, drive belt, drive shaft, drive shafts, driver's seat, emergency brake, emergency lights, emissions, engine, engine block, engine computers, engine cradle, engine cylinder head, engines, exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, exhaust system, exhausts, fan belt, fan blade, fan clutch, fender, fender liners/ inner fender, fenders, filter, floor mat, flywheel, fog lamps, fog light, four-wheel drive, frame, front / rear bumper cover, front / rear bumper reinforcement bar, front axle assy., front bumper, front door, front door glass, front door handle, front door regulator, fuel, fuel cap, fuel gauge, fuel pump, fuel pumps, fuse, gas, gas gauge, gas pedal, gas tank, gas tanks, gasket, gasoline, gauge, gear shift, gear stick, gearbox, glove compartment, GPS, grill, grille, hand brake, harmonic balancer, hatch door, header pipe, headlamp, headlight, headlights, headrest, heater, heater units, heater/ac control, high-beam headlights, hood, hood hinge, hoods, horn, hose, hub, hub cap, hubcap, hybrid, idler pulley, ignition, ignition switch, inner taillights, instrument cluster, instrument panel, intake manifold, interior light, internal combustion engine, jack, key, knuckles, lh front door, lh rear door, license plate, lights, lock, low-beam headlights, lower arm, lower control arm, lug bolt, lug nut, manifold, manual transmission, mass air flow sensor, mass airflow sensors, mat, mirror, mirrors, moon roof, motor, motors, mud flap, muffler, navigation, navigation system, odometer, oil pan, oil tank, outer taillights, overhead console, panels, park lamp, park lamps, parking brake, parking lights, passenger air bag, passenger airbag, passenger seat, pedal, piston, power brake booster, power brakes, power steering, power steering pump, power steering reservoir, power window switch, quarter panel, quarter panels, rack & pinion, radiator, radiator & condenser fan assembly, radiator fan, radiator overflow bottle, radiator support, radio, radios, rag top, rear bumper, rear door, rear door glass, rear door handle, rear end, rear window defroster, rear windshield, rear-view mirror, reinforcement, reverse light, right front door, right rear door, rims, roof, roof air bag, roof rack, rotary engine, rotor, seat, seat belt, seat belts, seat front, seat motors, seat rear, seat track, seats, shift, shock absorber, shocks, side airbags, side mirror, signal lamp, spare tire, spark plug, speaker, speedometer, spindle, spoiler, starter, starters, steering column, steering wheel, strut, struts, sun visor, sunroof, suspension, tachometer, tail lamps, tail light, tail lights, tailgate, temperature control, temperature gauge, thermometer, throttle body, timing cover: lower, timing cover: upper, tire, tires, trailer hitch, transmission, transmission pan, transmissions, trim, trip computer, trunk, trunk lid, trunks, tube, tubes, turn signal, undercarriage, unleaded gas, upper arm, used engine, used engines, used parts, used tranny, used transmission, used transmissions, valve, valve cover, vent glass, vents, visor, warning light, wheel, wheel air bag, wheel well, wheels, window, windshield, windshield washer bottle, windshield washer reservoir, windshield wiper

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